All Things Private Practice

Hosted ByPatrick Casale

All Things Private Practice Podcast is where we dive deep into the gritty, unfiltered world of being a mental health entrepreneur and a private practice owner. Join us as we explore the emotional roller coaster of this wild journey, tackling the raw and unapologetic aspects that often go unspoken. In each episode, we fearlessly dissect the dark corners of self-doubt, resilience, impostor syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism. No sugar-coating here. This is where we get down and dirty, exposing the messy reality that comes with building your own mental health private practice. Hosted in an interview-style format, we bring you authentic conversations with entrepreneurs who have wrestled with their demons and emerged victorious. We delve into their stories of triumph, failure, and everything in between. Prepare yourself for unfiltered tales of blood, sweat, and tears, as our guests share their journeys of self-discovery and growth. It's time to strip away the glossy facade and embrace the rawness that lies beneath the surface. We challenge societal norms, smash through glass ceilings, and unapologetically question the status quo. Brace yourself for a podcast that isn't afraid to confront the messy reality head-on. Tune in every Saturday as we release new episodes, igniting your entrepreneurial fire and propelling you forward on your private practice odyssey. This is the All Things Private Practice Podcast, where authenticity meets audacity, and the road to success is paved with resilience.

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Episode 146: Essential Tax and Business Structure Tips for Therapists [featuring Daniel Rowe]

I talk with Daniel Rowe, a CPA and tax attorney from Charlotte, North Carolina, as he shares invaluable insights into financial planning, bookkeeping, and business formation for mental health professionals and other service providers.

Episode 145: Writing a Love Letter to Humanity: Therapy, Trust, and Transformative Healing [featuring Candyce Anderson]

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Candyce Anderson, LPC, private practice owner, TEDx speaker, and author, discuss the transformative power of therapy, emphasizing authenticity, vulnerability, and the importance of betting on oneself.

Episode 144: Enhancing Neurodiversity-Affirming Events and Inclusive Care [featuring Molly Herold & Reese Ramponi]

In this episode, Patrick Casale talks with Molly Herold and Reese Ramponi about the essential practices for creating neurodiversity-affirming environments in retreat and event settings as well as in clinical spaces.

Episode 143: Revolutionizing Health Equity: Funding and Partnerships [featuring Omolara Uwemedimo]

In this episode, Patrick Casale talks with Dr. Omolara Uwemedimo, co-founder of Strong Children Wellness and founder of Melanin in Medicine. They discuss empowering BIPOC clinicians, promoting health equity, and developing sustainable practices.

Episode 142: Redefine Workplace Culture: Prioritizing Belonging and Community [featuring Mona Nour]

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Dr. Mona Nour discuss the art of creating a sustainable and fulfilling business that aligns with your values while fostering a true sense of belonging.

Episode 141: The Journey to Private Practice: Taking Strategic Risks [featuring Jorge Fernandez]

In this episode, Jorge Fernandez and Patrick Casale discuss the importance of confronting fears and self-doubt to successfully transition into private practice, emphasizing the need to understand all aspects of business management. They highlight the value of autonomy, the inevitability of mistakes, and the significance of building solid relationships and a unique professional image.

Episode 140: Setting Boundaries and Finding Balance: Private Practice Lessons [featuring Cameisha Brewer]

In this episode, Patrick Casale and Cameisha Brewer, a remarkable therapist, business coach, speaker, and author, delve into the world of private practice, therapy, and entrepreneurship.

Episode 139: The Impact of Racial Trauma and The Power of Speaking Up [featuring Dominique Pritchett]

Dominique Pritchett shares her powerful experiences and insights on the impact of racial targeting, the importance of diversity and inclusion, and her journey as a motivational speaker and consultant.

Episode 138: Overcoming Adversity: Homelessness, Teen Motherhood, and Entrepreneurship [featuring Victoria James]

I spoke with Victoria James, a LCSW, psychotherapist, and anxiety and mindset expert, who overcame difficult odds to establish a thriving private practice dedicated to helping ambitious individuals navigate their mental health and entrepreneurial journeys.