The VIQ Project

Hosted ByKerry Barrett

In this podcast, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Kerry Barrett up-levels your VIQ (that’s Video IQ) to grow authority and visibility, work less and make more. Time, tech talking head (yes, that means you on camera) and everything in between, you’re covered. Check out Kerry’s website: And some free resources at:

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Episode 13: Pam Aungst Cronin “How to Use SEO to Boost Video and How to Boost Video Through SEO”

“You don’t want people finding your website on a Google search, clicking on it and then going right back to Google because it wasn’t what they wanted. Google can see that behavior as a sign that your website wasn’t what they wanted. You want to avoid that. Video can help them stay longer.”

Episode 12: Chelsey Pendock “How to Create a Great Video Ad”

“You would want to be the face of the ad because well you want to position yourself as the expert. You are the one. You want to be selling yourself.” -Chelsey Pendock

Episode 11: Alex Schauer ” The power of video funnels. How she created one and The ROI”

“Every one of those takes that I made that day, all 117 of them.. Translated to thousands of dollars a take in revenue for my business.” – Alex Schauer

Episode 10: Jeremy Weber “How to Create a Great Video Webinar”

“I’m going to run it live, and then once I get it nailed, I’m going to package it evergreen and scale it up.”

Episode 9: Ronica Cleary “PR 101”

“I recently put a pitch out with a client responding to a major news event with an Instagram video. The booker wasn’t familiar with my client. But it was a way of showing, these are not just the three talking points, but the way he’s going to talk about it. The booker loved it. ‘I love his energy, I love what he’s saying. Let’s book him.” – Ronica Cleary

Episode 8: Justin Guarini “How to Understand Performance to Improve Your Video Presence “

“When you first start something, you’re going to suck. (Cut out my part)… and that is the wall that stops most people from achieving the success that they desire and deserve and have worked so hard for.” -Justin Guarini

Episode 7 – Mary Henderson: How to turn your service, expertise or product into a program

“The key word is scalability. I think we need to look at it from the point of commercialization. Most of my clients are creating programs that sell for 10, 20, 50 or $70,000.”- Mary Henderson

Episode 6: Shay Rowbottom,”How to create great video for the top of your funnel, how to get into the right mindset and generate that ROI”

Video isn’t just for bottom of the funnel. Video is a tool to help you connect with your audience not only at the beginning, but all the way as they move to the top of what you offer. On this week’s podcast, I sit down with Shay Rowbottom, a video coach and LinkedIn Marketing expert on how to create great video for the top of your funnel, how to get into the right mindset and generate that ROI. Shay will drop bomb nuggets like this one, “Videos are meant to educate viewers so they can begin to say you’re the authority, you’re the expert in your industry, you’re the person they should be going to for advice.”

Episode 5: Konstantinos Papakonstantinou “How To Create Video Marketing Strategy”

“You shouldn’t go in with the mindset of ‘how do I turn them into clients?’ it should be ‘How can I build a relationship and bring value to them? I don’t think about sales.’”- Konstantinos Papakonstantinou