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In this podcast, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Kerry Barrett up-levels your VIQ (that’s Video IQ) to grow authority and visibility, work less and make more. Time, tech talking head (yes, that means you on camera) and everything in between, you’re covered. Check out Kerry’s website: And some free resources at:

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Episode 4 : Monica Dema “How to Optimize Content”

“When we’re talking about content, there’s 200 ways to optimize, and no one is necessarily better than the other. But it all worlds together and *that’s* constantly changing. So when we’re talking about written content, you need to be adaptable for sure.” – Monica Dema

Episode 3: Julie Einiger “How to Shoot Sequences & Transitions”

“When people are doing what’s called a pan or tilt. Pan left to right or right to left, or tilt up and down and they do this zoom zoom zoom. Unless it’s an effect, it’s too fast. It’s jarring.”- Julie Einiger

Episode 2 : Ali Levine “The Importance of Having VideoAs Part of Your Content”

“Yes color is important, but we forget about the actual fabric and details of our look and how it functions on camera.”- Ali Levine

Episode 1: Manuela Senatore “Shooting Great Video”

Tips and Tricks to Shooting DIY Marketing Video From The Pros

The VIQ Project Podcast

Are you ready to move out of obscurity and into authority? Join me as I interview experts in the field of video. In each episode my guests and I will share everything we know about mastering video — from mindset and hacks to the latest tips and tricks to creating, sharing and using video to grow your confidence and your business. If you want to go from fear to fierce, the VIQ — that’s Video IQ — Podcast is for you.