How MPN Shows are Supported

Marketing Podcast Network’s program producers and hosts are supported in a number of ways. First, thanks to our generous advertisers, each member of the network receives an equal share of advertising revenue quarterly. In addition to Spotify Advertising Network revenue that comes to us via network advertising, MPN also sells direct advertisements played exclusively for the demographic of professional marketers and business owners. All other revenues generated by MPN (membership fees, additional advertising revenues online, etc.) are also subject to revenue sharing.

MPN also supports its shows by cross-promoting each along the network. When network advertising availabilities are not sold, MPN member show promos stand in their place. Each show is promoted in a rotating, equal fashion.

Finally, shows are supported by both the MPN executive director and fellow hosts and producers. The collective shares best practices, recommends guests, cross-promote one another’s shows, participates in mindshare discussions and more.

To learn more, just ask our executive producer anything that might be on your mind about MPN. If you don’t need more convincing, apply to join today.