Need someone to edit and produce
your podcast episodes?

Podcast production and engineering

Want to pay one low, monthly subscription fee rather than expensive, pay-by-episode prices?

You’ve come to the right place.


MPN Studios offers any podcaster a simple, easy, white-glove solution for podcast editing and production. Record your show or interview, send us the files, and in just a few days we’ll return a professionally produced video and/or audio file ready for upload, a show transcription, show notes and clip edits for you to use as social media promos for your episode.


You don’t have to be an MPN member to take advantage of our insanely low pricing! Your podcast doesn’t even have to be about marketing. This price is open to any podcaster!


Here’s the best part …


You pay one low monthly fee for podcast production of weekly or bi-weekly episodes! 


Let’s compare:


Leading Podcast Production House
MPN Studios
Per episode
Per month
Total Episodes Produced14*
Cost $375
Cost per Episode$375
* – Months with five weeks incur no additional cost but offer one additional episode

MPN Studios provides everything you need to record, then publish. We take care of all the busy work in the middle so you can focus on growing your show or your business. 


Sign up for the MPN Studios Gold Plan now for just $750 per month, billed securely through Stripe as a monthly subscription. And yes, you can cancel anytime.


Don’t need as much lead time? Have a bi-weekly or monthly show? No problem! Sign up for the MPN Studios Silver Plan and save.




Silver Plan

$500 / month
  • Submit as many episodes as you want (video and audio) to production queue
  • Each episode produced on a bi-weekly timetable (2-3 episodes per month)
  • Single episode production (video and audio) with 96-hour turnaround
  • 3 clips for social posts per episode (additional 48-hour turnaround)
  • AI-generated transcript (Human edited +48 hour turnaround)
  • AI-generated show notes (Human edited + 48 hour turnaround)

More than one show? Please email for bulk pricing!

Note: Audio & video editing for shows of 60-minutes or more and more complex video editing needs may affect pricing.

Questions? Contact us at to discuss.