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Meet Cornett’s own TikTok Influencer – Senior Web Developer Matt Hudgins

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We’re walking the walk here on the show by digging deeper into conversations with the type of folks we often interview on the live stream version of the show each Tuesday morning. But not everyone we want to talk to there can make it to a regimented, scheduled show. And, we have some very interesting people within the walls at Cornett whose expertise comes to bear for our clients. We also do some pretty neat things as a group that are well worth sharing with you. Why not give you access to those subject matter experts, and experiences too?

In today’s episode, we get to know Cornett senior web developer Matt Hudgins. Not only is he an award winning web-developer and incredibly talented coder, but he has an interesting side gig, if you will. He’s our resident TikTok influencer. Matt produces how-to’s on coding and technology, showing off the cool tricks and inventions he tinkers with on the side. Some of his videos have earned over 1 million views and he’s collected almost 40,000 followers on the platform.

AdWeek thought Matt’s nights and weekends hobby was so interesting, it honored him with a Gold Winner award at the magazine’s Side Show Awards this fall. He was one of two Cornett employees with Side Show awards. You’ll meet the other soon enough here on Digging Deeper.

We talked to Matt about his rise on TikTok, got some tips and tricks from him for you to use on the platform, and found out that one of his favorite TikTok-ers is the tech talk drag queen Anna Lytical.