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Winfluence Special: On Brand with Nick Westergaard

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Today is a special episode of the show. I thought between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays I’d give you a treat and introduce you to one of our sister podcasts on the Marketing Podcast Network.

For those who may not recall our episode from December 2nd of 2021, I have launched a network for marketing podcasts that serves two purposes: Allow like-topic podcasts an easy way to support and promote one another, and give advertisers wishing to reach marketers … an audience like you … an easier way to get to them. 

I actually explained the Marketing Podcast Network in more depth a few weeks ago on Nick Westergaard’s outstanding show On Brand. Yes, it is an MPN podcast. Nick interviews all the important people in the world of branding and marketing, so his show is more broadly focused than mine. But he drills into podcasting or influence marketing and other topics, too.

In our conversation, Nick and I talked about podcasting, but a lot more. In fact, he asked my thoughts on the Metaverse … our next horizon to conquer on the Internet. And, pardon the indulgence, but I offered up some thinking brand folks should hear.

So, today on Winfluence, I’m going to share with you an episode of On Brand with Nick Westergaard, with me as the guest. I think you’ll find his show to be well-done and worth the subscription, but also the conversation we had to be quite useful.