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The Truth About All These Top Trends Posts for 2022

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Happy New Year!

We’re kicking off 2022 as many podcasters, bloggers and prognosticators are … by looking ahead and anticipating what may come. But, I’ve got a couple things working against me in that regard. First, I’ve been observing and commenting on the social media space for over 15 years now. I’ve seen many a prediction post. I’ve written a few myself. 

That means I know most of them are nothing more than pissing in the wind. No one who makes them has a clue what will actually happen. They just guess. As long as they don’t go off the deep end … and some do … they sound fairly smart and we nod and smile. 

The other thing working against me is that I am quite a contrarian when it comes to the wide-eyed optimism of the tech elite and one percent of the one percenters that most of the truly new innovations and activities will apply to.

So, my prediction posts aren’t real sexy. But they’re far more realistic than most. 

I want to help you prepare for 2022 and what may come, but I also want you to be grounded in reality so you don’t waste time or money preparing for someone else’s imagination.

Today on the show, I give you the honest truth about what to expect in 2022 … like it or not.