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What Metrics Should a Brand Ask for From Influencers?

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At the end of this show each week, I invite you to ask me a question or present an influence marketing problem you might have and either email me about it, or even better, email me a voice recording so I can actually drop you asking it here on the show. So far, I haven’t had a lot of takers and that’s fine. Though, I will send you a signed copy of Winfluence the book if I use your question on the show. 

And no, my ego isn’t so sensitive that you can’t ask me to not sign it. I’m happy to just send you one not adulterated with my pithy quote and signature, if you like.

But the reason I do that is because this show becomes much more useful to you if I’m answering your questions. 

Well, one of my old social media pals ask me a question about influence marketing of sorts last week on Twitter. Sheila Scarborough and Leslie McLellan run Tourism Currents. It’s a blog and resource, with accompanying social channels, for destination marketers, tourism bloggers and journalists and those who fancy themselves influencers in the travel and tourism space.

I’ve been pals with Sheila and the other founder of the site, Becky McCray, for probably 15 years. I don’t know Leslie as well, but I love the content and advice they all dole out to folks in that niche.

Last week, the tagged me on Twitter to see what I thought about an article they published called, “Ask for these influencer campaign stats.” It was advice for destinations … brands in the tourism industry like convention and visitor’s bureaus, hotels, attractions and such … on what metrics they should ask influencers to provide them for a campaign to judge how effective their content is for your efforts. 

Without having to look at the article, I certainly know Sheila and Leslie well enough to know it’s going to be sound advice. And it was. But it doesn’t just apply to destinations. Their advice is sound for all brands and agencies to hear to know what metrics you should care about from the influence partners and content creators you work with.

On this episode of Winfluence, I’ll share Tourism Current’s list, and add both some list items, and perspective of my own, to help your brand. 

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