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#36 Consistency, video, Web 3.0 & NFTs with Brian Fanzo.

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Brian Fanzo is a Digital Futurist, Keynote Speaker, “Girl Dad x 3”, and Host of NFT 365 Daily Podcast.

What we talked about…

  • Fatherhood and having three daughters aged 8, 10, and 12.
  • How getting milk in the grocery store led to nine years as a government contractor in cyber security.
  • Brian is from Pittsburgh, went to school in Virginia, and lived in Arizona for 8 years. He now resides in Northern Virginia with his three daughters.
  • Imposter syndrome, personal brands, authenticity, and being called out by your mom.
  • Humanizing yourself. Sharing your imperfections.
  • How leaders can use video to improve how they communicate.
  • The difference between transparency and oversharing.
  • Access is key.
  • Brian is neurodiverse with ADHD and dyslexia.
  • Video shrinks the distance between us digitally. Brian’s two rules of video. 1. Perfection is a fairytale. 2. Control is an illusion.
  • Web 3.0 and the creator economy.
  • Transparency is a vehicle for trust.
  • Consistency is what you decide it is; over time, it builds a layer of trust.
  • Scheduling creative content with a calendar.
  • What are blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens?
  • Understanding how you can apply NFTs to the workplace.
  • Read Black Sheep: Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You by Brant Menswar and watch The Mighty Ducks.
  • Contact Brian at Isocialfanz on social media.
  • Check out his podcast,

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