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Want Instagrammers and YouTubers to mention your brand? Or do you want to influence an audience to buy your product? Winfluence – The Influence Marketing Podcast explores the world of influencer marketing from a strategic perspective to help your influence efforts align with driving business value. Host Jason Falls, author of the companion book Winfluence: Reframing Influence Marketing to Ignite Your Brand, interviews brand managers, agency strategists, software vendors and influencers themselves to uncover the art and science of influencing audiences to try, buy or think differently. There’s a difference between using influencers and actually influencing. Discover that difference and explore both online and offline influence on Winfluence.

How to Leverage CSR and PR Channels to Influence

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I share a lot of my own opinions about influence marketing here on the show. But of course the meat of what we do here is mine the brilliant minds of our guests. I make no claim to be the know-all and end all to influence marketing. 

Sure, I have a perspective on the practice and industry I think is unique and expands your thinking about it. I believe that’s why you listen. And I thank you for that. 

But some of the people that I share ideas with behind the scenes are some awfully smart folks, too. And I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t elevate those voices and perspectives as well.

Sarah Panus is steep in experience working with big brands and influence marketing. She’s worked with Sleep Number, Starbucks, Nestle … among others. Her experience led her to develop her own categorizations of influencers and a smart way of thinking about and executing influence marketing campaigns.

Sarah also happens to be the host of a mighty fine podcast called Marketing With Empathy. It is one of our sister shows on the Marketing Podcast Network. As one might assume from the title, Marketing With Empathy is about far more than influence marketing. But because influencers are top of mind for brand managers that listen to her, and because approaching them with empathy is just plain smart, the topic pops up on the show from time to time.

Sarah recently did a series of episodes about her six categories of influencers. These are stakeholders or pools of people one might turn to for an influence marketing campaign. Celebrities is one. Current customers is another, and so on.

Today on Winfluence, I’m going to share an excerpt from her episode on CSR and PR contacts that can serve as influence conduits for your brand. That’s right … tapping into corporate social responsibility contacts and media and public relations relationships to further your influence campaigns.

Sarah will certainly give you more to chew on about how to think of it as influence marketing rather than influencer marketing on this episode.

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