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On the wings of a $DOVE with a Natalie Nichole

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I had the pleasure of meeting Natalie Nichole briefly at a Rally meetup in Phoenix, Arizona. Rally is the company behind my $JAFFE coin. Natalie has the $DOVE coin.

She’s a REAL artist and creator (as opposed to a fake one – ha!) What I mean by that is that she is a singer, songwriter, actress, designer and entertainer. She’s also an author. She’s also a crypto creator and coin holder.

This is the beauty of the creator economy and how the very essence of what it is to be a creator is being redefined. At a minimum there is healthy overlap but the more you think about it, the more in common we all have; the more we can all help each other; the more we can “crossover” and in doing so, unite disparate and seemingly disconnected worlds.

Today at 1pm EST, we’ll discuss!

You can also win a GiraffeNFT this week and to do that you’ll need to jump through a few fiery hoops that are only mildly dangerous:

– To enter, you need to hold 10 $JAFFE coin (buy yours at rally.io/creator/JAFFE)

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If that all sounds complicated, it’s because it is. Web3 is complicated, but there is some light at the end of the tunnel. You’re now entered in perpetuity to win any NFT’s in future giveaways as long as you continue to hold 10 $JAFFE coin. PLUS you are eligible to get free $JAFFE coin every episode.

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