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Host, Jamie Lieberman, discusses the issues in your business where legal topics and business strategy intersect, in a fun and accessible way. No more boring business speak or topics that don’t matter to you. You will get a behind the scenes sneak peak into the real life successes and failures of business owners, with Jamie’s analysis of the things they did right and the things that could be improved. So sit back and relax and get ready to learn in the most (un)business way possible.

Season 3, Episode 1 – Welcome to Season 3 – The Season of Strategy

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Welcome to Season Three! In this season, we are mixing things up and coming to you with twelve amazing interviews. Through my legal practice, I meet some incredible business owners. Each one teaches me something new and has helped me on my journey as an entrepreneur. I wanted to bring their expertise to our listeners through interviews with these professionals about their business journeys.

I am chatting with interior design professionals, course and content creators, professional service providers, owners of a brick and mortar store and a franchise, and design professionals. We will explore strategic planning, pivotal moments in each entrepreneur’s business, the tough decisions or setbacks each business owner has faced and how they handled it. Get ready for some fantastic advice from which all business owners can benefit.

But before we get started, I do something in this episode I have never done before. I share my own story about Hashtag Legal, how it started, how I grew it and how I feel about it now. It gets pretty personal!

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