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#53 Web design, remote teams, and Mastodon with Seth Goldstein

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Seth Goldstein is the founder and principal creative director of Goldstein Media, a full-service digital marketing agency based in suburban Philadelphia.

What we talked about…

  • Streaming television advertising. 
  • Loving on Jason Falls and Marketing Podcast Network.
  • Goldstein Media helps companies get found online.
  • Shifting careers from newspaper journalism to web design.
  • Jumping from corporate work to entrepreneurship. 
  • Working from home versus the office. 
  • Seth’s podcast, Entrepreneur’s Enigma.
  • Productivity increases when you work from home. 
  • Remote teams need leaders who are accessible and offsites to bring your team together.
  • Denis O’Shea interview about shadow IT and security concerns.
  • Designing for accessibility. Fediverse
  • Alt text descriptions of images. 
  • Geeking out over movies.
  • Interview tips for podcasts and interviews.
  • Mastodon vs. Twitter.
  • How companies should use Mastodon. 
  • Check out Seth’s resources for navigating the fediverse.
  • Read Winfluence by Jason Falls. 
  • Give yourself a break before the day.
  • Find Seth at

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