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If your brand could use more effective and efficient ways to ignite growth, you’ve come to the right place. This is where smart marketers learn to leverage their own community to ignite growth in sales, awareness, and beyond. 

Welcome to The Rise, The Community Commerce Marketing Show. 

Today we’re going to tap into one of the smartest people on the planet about B2B marketing an see if we can translate some of that wisdom into B2C insights, plus get into a good conversation about how marketing and sales can be something other than oil and water. Pam Didner is here with us. She is an award-winning B2B sales and marketing consultant. Steep knowledge in account based marketing, demand gen, content marketing and more. She’s also the author of a handy ebook I know everyone will want to go grab called The Modern AI Marketer. We’ll ask her about that and bring her to the stage in this episode.

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