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“Episode” 72 of our week-daily virtual coffee, which takes place in Alpha Collective’s discord server: from 8-9am EST. It’s free and open to anyone from anywhere in the world.

We kick off the month of June and LIVE Book Read Thursdays with Matt Thieleman and his book, “This is Coaching: How to Transform a Client’s Performance, Life, & Business as a Master Coach & Warrior of Love. It’s a must listen-to whether you are a coach or not. 

P.S. We are ALL coaches!

To note: 

1. Chat from today’s episode can be found in cafe-chat channel in the discord and contains very links discussed

2. We are going to move to awarding 100 “regular” roles to the first 100 people who regularly attend our live virtual coffees. Thereafter, it’ll be for entry level and full pass holder members only. Don’t worry, you got this!

Show notes based on our discussion (as per’s beta tool):


Matt’s introduction to the podcast. (5:42)

Connect a coach to every founder in the world. (9:25)

The difference between hypothesis and fact based coaching. (13:16)

What does the coaching/therapy continuum look like? (17:37)

Coaching like getting directions to an unknown destination. (22:20)

The games we play as humans. (29:44)

Knowing that you have a choice. (33:44)

What happens in a coaching conversation? (38:58)

Coaching is reminding us that we’re all divine beings. (44:48)

Coaching 100% love and 100% challenge. (52:36)

When I’m struggling in my development. (56:59)

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