2024 Memorial Day

Share the goodness!

In this episode of the Take a Breath podcast, Joe and Thom share their plans and preparations for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. They dive into a thought-provoking discussion on a Rumi quote: “What you are looking for is also looking for you,” exploring its profound implications in both personal and professional life.

Joe and Thom emphasize the importance of embracing rejection as an entrepreneur, noting that it’s a frequent part of the journey and learning to love it is crucial for success. They also tackle the question of whether kids today are too soft, offering their perspectives on modern parenting and resilience.

In addition, the hosts discuss the critical skill of money management for entrepreneurs, stressing the need to be adept at handling finances both personally and professionally. They explore the power of networking and its role in entrepreneurial success. Lastly, they touch on how corporate culture is shaped from the top down, highlighting the impact of leadership on an organization’s ethos.

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