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Interview w/ Sarah Panus, Content Marketing Expert

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Marketing Distilled sits down with Sarah Panus, a content marketing expert, to talk about career and marketing content.

About Sarah:
Biography: Marketers and business leaders often lack the right people, skills or time to create content plans. Content expert & Certified StoryBrand Guide, Sarah Panus, helps you check storytelling projects off your marketing to-do list using 20 years of frameworks and methods, so you get time back while confidently engaging new and existing customers with great content that drives business results.  It shouldn’t feel like you’re falling behind because you can’t figure out your content. Sarah understands how hard it is to juggle your demands. Her client roster includes big and small B2C & B2B brands including: Sleep Number, Starbucks, SHEFIT, LegalZoom, Katie Couric Media, Thrive Global, Nestle Waters, Lindt Chocolate, American Heart Association, Western Green, Cox Communications, Alta Tech, King Technology, Christos Bridal, and numerous small businesses. She’s a content marketing strategy consultant, podcast host of Marketing With Empathy® (in top 5% of all marketing podcasts), Certified StoryBrand Guide, speaker, and owner of Kindred Speak® consulting. Sarah works with clients by either doing the work for them through her freelance consulting services; OR, coaching them to think like Content Directors through her online courses, keynotes and workshops. Visit to learn more.
Show Notes

Get to know Sarah Panus (career, hobbies, the 360 view of Sarah)

Career: What are you the proudest of in your career?

Career: Tell us a story of when you made a mistake and what you learned from it?

Sarah is a Certified StoryBrand Guide. What is that and why did you get that certification? What was easiest about the course and what was most difficult?

What’s the StoryBrand Framework? Why is story telling a good way to market a business?

In the Framework, where is it toughest to move the hero from one phase to the next? How can you make sure they don’t change the channel?

What are two or three key things a brand gets wrong abour the StoryBrand framework?

How SB integrates into a content plan, beyond the typical sales funnel.

Lightning round of questions.

How to Connect with Sarah Panus
LinkedIn: Sarah Panus
Instagram: Sarah Panus
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