Systematic Patience: Lifestyle Design for Financial and Time Freedom

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Maurice Philogene is a man who looks at the rules differently. He understands systems and structures in order to navigate them effectively and ethically in his pursuit of freedom. Whether it’s travel hacking, working 3 jobs simultaneously, or becoming location independent, Maurice is a man who embraces the patience, consistency and discipline required to follow a vision, step outside the status quo and invest in what truly matters.

He is a Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur, Restaurant Owner, Explorer of 100 Countries, Public Servant (Federal Agent & Police Officer), Philanthropist and Lifestyle Design/Wealth Coach. A Founding Managing Partner of Quattro Capital with a passion for living life leveraging freedom principles – financial freedom, time freedom, geographic freedom, freedom of purpose and freedom of relationships. Maurice used real estate and professional careers to generate passive income and build legacy all while empowering communities and helping others live their best life now through lifestyle design.

After a 17-year solo entrepreneurial journey, while simultaneously holding multiple careers, Maurice found success by breaking free from societal expectations and pursuit of traditional paths.  He highlights the significance of challenging the status quo and reshaping reality through consistent thoughts and actions. By believing that life is a practice, not a destination, Maurice encourages individuals to pursue the lifestyle they desire by consistently practicing it. His philosophy is to Try Life On. Maurice’s deep-rooted philosophy of discipline, contentment with one’s current situation, and doing life differently provides valuable insights for anyone wanting to live life on their own terms.

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