OTS 377: Path of Resilience – Diane Wolf

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Today’s guest is on a mission to help people recognize and disarm the negative impacts of stress before it leads to crisis. 

With over 40 years studying the brain, an MBA in Knowledge and Learning Management, and a Master’s in Clinical Counselling, she translates complicated science into accessible tools for building resilience. In her private practice, she works primarily with first responders diagnosed with PTSD. She empowers entrepreneurs and professionals to proactively manage stress and overwhelm. Her background as an experienced educator allows her to deliver insights with clarity and compassion. 

Beyond one-on-one therapy, she provides corporate training to equip employees with techniques for optimal mental health. Her course aims to help companies avoid the high costs of absenteeism before therapy becomes necessary.

She’s a sought-after speaker who has presented across Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. on topics like communication, leadership and neuroscience-based life skills. Her mission is to make mental fitness as mainstream as physical fitness. She’s a registered psychotherapist, speaker, writer, educator, and retired business professor whose expertise blends neuroscience with practical strategies for real transformation.

Please join me in welcoming Diane Wolf. 

Join us as Diane Wolf shares her fascinating journey from childhood leadership roles to becoming a distinguished neurophysiological psychology expert and advocate for mental health.

In this episode, we discuss:

🧠 Inspiring Journey: Diane’s transition from a childhood filled with leadership and sports to an impressive career as a psychotherapist and educator. Despite personal challenges, including the early loss of her father, she remained committed to education and supporting her family. 

🧠 Career Pivot: Initially focused on languages, she discovered her passion for neuroscience in her college years, leading her to earn a degree in neurophysiological psychology. Her path included numerous roles, such as translator, business professor, and psychotherapist, demonstrating her adaptability and resilience.

🧠 Mental Health Advocate: With over 40 years of studying the brain, Diane’s mission is centered on helping individuals, particularly first responders with PTSD, manage stress and improve mental health. She also provides corporate training on mental health techniques, empowering professionals to thrive in high-pressure environments.

🧠 Leadership Wisdom: her views leadership as akin to good parenting—nurturing growth and independence, correcting mistakes, and fostering a supportive environment. Her long-held belief in neuroplasticity has been validated by contemporary neuroscience discoveries.

Listen in to discover why Diane Wolf’s story is a testament to overcoming adversity and pioneering mental health advocacy!


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