All Things Private Practice

All Things Private Practice Podcast is where we dive deep into the gritty, unfiltered world of being a mental health entrepreneur and a private practice owner. Join us as we explore the emotional roller coaster of this wild journey, tackling the raw and unapologetic aspects that often go unspoken. In each episode, we fearlessly dissect the dark corners of self-doubt, resilience, impostor syndrome, and paralyzing perfectionism. No sugar-coating here. This is where we get down and dirty, exposing the messy reality that comes with building your own mental health private practice. Hosted in an interview-style format, we bring you authentic conversations with entrepreneurs who have wrestled with their demons and emerged victorious. We delve into their stories of triumph, failure, and everything in between. Prepare yourself for unfiltered tales of blood, sweat, and tears, as our guests share their journeys of self-discovery and growth. It’s time to strip away the glossy facade and embrace the rawness that lies beneath the surface. We challenge societal norms, smash through glass ceilings, and unapologetically question the status quo. Brace yourself for a podcast that isn’t afraid to confront the messy reality head-on. Tune in every Saturday as we release new episodes, igniting your entrepreneurial fire and propelling you forward on your private practice odyssey. This is the All Things Private Practice Podcast, where authenticity meets audacity, and the road to success is paved with resilience.

Episode 6: How to host a successful retreat [Featuring Megan Gunnell]

In this episode, I talk with Megan Gunnell, therapist and the Founder and Director of Thriving Well Institute, on the topic of retreat building (and how to step up and host one, even without retreat hosting experience). Megan is well known for her Thriving Therapist Facebook Group with over 12k members, as well as for…

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Episode 5: The Rebellious Widow [Making Grief & Loss “Fun”]

During this episode, I talk with Jill Johnson-Young, otherwise known as “The Rebellious Widow.” Jill is a grief therapist and expert, group practice owner, author, speaker, and so much more. We discuss Jill’s incredible grief journey where she talks about the grief and loss of two of her wives and marrying her third wife… the…

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Episode 4: Money Mindset Real Talk [None Of That “Charge What You’re Worth Shit]

Therapists tend to struggle with money, setting rates, and understanding the value of what they offer. Hey… We never had business training, so it makes sense. : ( How many times have you answered a phone call from a potential client and said “My rate is 150, but my sliding scale is 30-150?” Your own…

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Episode 3: Setting Bougie Boundaries In Your Private Practice

In this episode, I talk with Montoyia McGowan, LCSW and owner of Stopping The Chase Counseling and Consulting out of Memphis, TN. Montoyia tells her story from working at the VA to starting her private practice and consulting business which focuses on BIPOC entrepreneurs and helps empower creatives and the working well to stop the…

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Episode 2: Light At The End Of The Tunnel — Addiction and Success

I struggled with a gambling addiction for 15 years. Nothing was POSSIBLE. Everything felt IMPOSSIBLE. During this episode I talk about how to move from impossible to possible through imperfect action, doing your own work, and embracing fear and vulnerability. Sometimes we can’t see the next step. We can’t see the forest for the trees….

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Episode 1: Taking The Leap — From CMH into Private Practice

Taking the leap from community mental health and into private practice is Fuc*ing Scary!! As a therapist, group practice owner, and private practice coach and strategist, I was full of self-doubt, insecurity, and overwhelming anxiety. Who the hell was I to be successful, and why would someone hire me? We hold ourselves back for so…

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