Small Business Success Talk

Small Business Success Talk is a show about the small business experience. Listen and discover for yourself that we take what we do very seriously, but not ourselves!

Ep. 2: Amusement Park Fun with Bryan McBride

Regional sales representative, Bryan McBride, shares what’s it like to work with one of the top amusement parks in the world located Santa Claus, Indiana, Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari

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Ep.1: Turning a life-saving remedy into a business with Dee Dee Taylor

Episode 1 of Small Business Small Talk is HERE!!!

I learned a LOT in this episode about hemp, the industry, what to look for, and how this amazing human being got started on her journey to hemp integrity in wellness that included the ability to serve in unique ways during a global pandemic. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Dee Dee Taylor with 502 Hemp!

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4th Quarter – It’s not the struggle you think

If we believe it, it happens. If we believe the holidays are a struggle for business, then it will be. But, why not change the message? Christy provides other ideas for 4th quarter best practices that produce successful results and keep your business growing.

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Being A Woman In A Male-Dominated Industry – An Interview With Pixie Paula

On this episode of Small Business Small Talk, host Christy Smallwood, talks with Woman-Owned Distillery of the Year Award-Winner, Pixie Paula on what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur in today’s business environment.

To learn more about Pixie Paula visit her channels:

Instagram: @PixiePaulaOfficial

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Setting Marketing Expectations

It’s hard not to think that when we put something “out there” we want an instant result. That’s not a realistic expectation for your marketing efforts. In this podcast, host Christy Smallwood, covers some basics of how to set good expectations of marketing.

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The Return of SBST and Marketing Complexity

Christy talks about returning to Small Business Small Talk and how complex marketing gets.

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Small Business Small Talk Episode 003 – The Shysters

Small Business Small Talk host, Christ Smallwood, talks about the shysters out there in this episode.

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Small Business Small Talk Episode 004 – Marketing

Small Business Small Talk host, Christ Smallwood, talks marketing in this episode

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Episode 005 – Balancing act

Small Business Small Talk host, Christ Smallwood, talks about creating harmony in your life – not just doing the balancing act.

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Episode 002 – More, The Rollercoaster, & Support Systems

This episode discusses how every business owner wants MORE, the rollercoaster entrepreneurs are on, and how to find the right support system for your business growth.

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