Uncorking a Story

Stories influence, teach and inspire us, but what about the storytellers who create them? Uncorking a Story profiles storytellers to uncover how their background and life experiences influence the stories they create. We learn what motivates them, their path to success, and what fuels them to keep creating. It all starts by asking one simple question, where does your story begin? Welcome to uncorking a story. All of the books promoted on Uncorking a Story can be viewed and purchased here: https://bookshop.org/shop/UncorkingaStory

Episode 19 – The Jim Carlon Interview

Imagine going through basic training for the US Army as you approach the age of 40. It’s a pretty hard thing to do at 18, but at 40 – come on it takes a special kind of person to raise his or her hand and say, “Bring it on,” but that is just what…

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Episode 18 – John Seigel Boettner from Teen Press

John Seigel Boettner is a social studies teacher at Santa Barbara Middle School, but he’s not like one I ever had. It’s a special kind of person who can take middle school kids on a cross country bicycle trip across the United States and an…

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Episode 17 – The Steve August Interview

I’ll admit it, I love a good story where the good guys win and Steve August is a good guy. I know this interview may be a bit “Inside Research” for you, but if you are looking to be inspired by the story of a guy who identified a need, built a…

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Episode 15 – Allison Yacht of Bravehoods

Shortly before her daughter was to begin kindergarten, Allison heard the words that no parent wants to hear – your daughter has cancer.  As treatments progressed, and hair was lost, her daughter Meredith was eager to find some item of clothing…

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Episode 12 – Andy Greenfield

How important is curiosity in business? Andy Greenfield has a point of view. 
In 1996 I was a 22-year-old kid working in the new field of digital marketing while Andy was pioneering new ways of conducting business online.  By that point in…

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Episode 10 – Jim Bryson

Jim Bryson is the founder and CEO of 2020 Research; a Nashville based qualitative research firm with facilities in Nashville, Charlotte, and Miami. In addition to traditional facilities, 2020 is a leading provider of online qualitative solutions…

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