Collective Café to Go

Hosted ByJoseph Jaffe

The Collective Café takes place every weekday from 8-9am EST in Alpha Collective’s discord server: Start your day off on the right foot. The front foot. With hope, positive and optimism. With kindness, empathy, generosity and reciprocity. In the Collective Café, we Manifest (on Mondays). We have No Agenda (on Fridays). We do live book reads and discussions on Thursdays. We discuss the Business of Web3, Community Capitalism and so much more. Join us LIVE or listen to us on demand. It’ll change your life. It’s already changed ours.

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The Game of Life

“Episode” 72 of our week-daily virtual coffee, which takes place in...

Planned Patience

LIVE Read of Groundswell

I just saved myself $80,000

Thought Leadership Tuesday