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Hosted ByGordon Glenister

Influence the Global podcast shines a spotlight on the influencer marketing industry. In these episodes you will hear from leading influencers, digital creators, influencer platforms, agencies, legal experts and brands who will share life experiences, insights and strategies to help you. Hosted by Gordon Glenister, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) who launched a new division, BCMA Influence, to support the influencer marketing industry. So if you want to find out more, subscribe to listen. Produced by Neil Whiteside at Freedom:One

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S5 Ep17: Founder Of Disabled Influencer Agency Talks Influence Ft. Martyn Sibley

Martyn works at the intersection of business, technology and leadership to drive change for a fully inclusive world.

S5 Ep16: Middle East Broadcaster Talks About The MENA Influencer Landscape

Talking with one of Dubai’s top media personalities and the host of the 1billion follower summit

S5 Ep13: Greenland’s Top Influencer Shares Her Story Ft. Qupanuk Olsen

In this episode we interview Qupanuk Olsen, Greenland’s biggest influencer with a thriving TikTok and YouTube channel

S5 Ep12: Content Is King For Top Lifestyle And Travel Influencer ft. Milissa Grande

Milissa Grande is a top lifestyle influencer from Canada and shares her story

S5 Ep11: Understanding The Creative Process From Brand To Influencer Activation Ft. Jess Flack

Jess Flack is the CEO and founder of top influencer agency and has an amazing team

S5 Ep10: Livestreaming Is The Future – And Who Is The Lipstick King?

Erica Yang is the founder and CEO of Real Hype Creative, an Innovation Agency for Creatives and Brands

S5 Ep9: Data Still Rules In The Influencer Space ft. Nisarg Shah

Nisarg Shah is the Co-Founder & CEO of