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The Rise - The Community Content Marketing Show features conversations with the leading thinkers in the marketing, technology, business and commerce space to help you understand ways to leverage content from the community you already have to grow. Grow sales. Grow revenue. Grow retention. Grow awareness. Grow affinity. Grow brand health. We think tapping into the power of your own community is a smarter, efficient and faster way than spending money on digital advertising to reach people who don’t know you. And we’ve got the guests, experts, and case studies to prove that. The Rise - The Community Content Marketing Show is a production of, the leading Community Content Marketing (CCM) software solution provider. Learn more at

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VIDEO: The Rise Emmanuel Probst – Episode 3

On Episode 3 of The Rise, The Community Commerce Marketing Show:

We are exploring the new and exciting category of marketing strategy, automation and software called Community Commerce Marketing. Today, we’re jumping over to the academic side of the aisle with Dr. Emmanuel Probst. He is a brand leader at Ipsos, a professor at UCLA and the Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Brand Hacks. His new book Assemblage – The Art and Science of Brand Transformation is out now. He’ll join us to talk about how community factors into that today on the show.

How Community Can Contribute to Brand Transformation

Dr. Emmanuel Probst joins The Rise to talk about his new book Assemblage and how community can drive brand transformation

VIDEO: Finding the Voice of Your Community

Community and customer advocacy expert Jill Rowley joins The Rise to explore finding the voice of your brand community. B2C and B2B marketers can learn from Jill’s two-plus decades of experience growing B2B brands.

Finding the Voice of the Community

Customer and community advocate and B2B strategist Jill Rowley shares her perspectives on community

VIDEO: What is Community Commerce Marketing – The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show

In the inaugural episode of The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show, host @JasonFallsWinfluence welcomes’s president and COO Growson Edwards to discuss the definitions, opportunities and potential of CCM. Community Commerce Marketing is the strategic approach to leveraging your own brand community to ignite and accelerate growth for your brand.

Edwards shares the problem created that CCM solves, how came to introducing the concept of Community Commerce Marketing as a solution, and the various applications that make up a software solution that solves for the need for brands.

The episode kicks off this new podcast which will feature regular interviews from notable thinkers, practitioners, brands and beyond in the business, marketing, commerce and technology worlds to help brand managers plug in to the power of Community Commerce Marketing (CCM).


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What is Community Commerce Marketing?

Growson Edwards and Jason Falls of launch The Rise with a discussion of CCM – Community Commerce Marketing

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