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Why do some people or brands command cult-like followings, while others struggle to stay afloat? Why do some people rise to social media stardom, while others can’t get anywhere? The answer: Influence. But is it a genetic trait or something you can learn? What is their influence derived from? And what are the takeaways that we can implement in our business and/or personal branding? Author, professor and the Queen of Influencer Marketing Amanda Russell brings you the answers with concise, no nonsense interviews of top influencers across categories. Amanda’s unique dynamic is both engaging and provocative. She and frequent co-host Jason Falls ask the tough questions, to get the real, raw answers that you can put into practice TODAY. No fluff, no BS, just the real story!

35: The Benefits of Treating Customers Like Influencers with Customer Experience Marketing

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Most CMOs accept that with intense global competition and increased commoditization of products and services, the final frontier in differentiation is in the customer experience. This is the basis of what customer experience marketing is all about, and today we have the world’s leading expert on the subject, Dan Gingiss, who just wrote the definitive book on the subject, The Experience Maker. In our conversation we take customer experience marketing one step further to unpack the natural intersection it has with influencer marketing, and how companies can begin to treat their customers as influencers and encourage them to incite word-of-mouth marketing.

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