Advertising Trends Heading Into 2022 with AdWeek’s David Griner

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As we head into the last month of 2021, the inevitable barrage of 2022 planning blog posts and trend predictions will flood the social medias for those of us in the advertising and marketing business. We thought we’d get a more direct from the horses mouth jump on what’s new and next in the industry by inviting one of those ad biz watchers to the show.
David Griner is AdWeek’s international editor and host of the publication’s Yeah, That Might Be An Ad podcast. His role has evolved through covering and editing content around innovation in the advertising space to now covering the industry on a global scale. He writes about the most innovative creative ideas and brands in the space and keeps a finger on the pulse of what’s happening and what’s next.
Griner isn’t just an industry scribe, however. Prior to AdWeek, he oversaw digital content and social media at Luckie & Company, a great agency in Birmingham, Ala. He brings a wealth of knowledge of the business, as well as the industry to the table.
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