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Reid Moncada On How Adversity Turned Into Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneur's Enigma

Reid Moncada has been through a lot in his 23 years on this planet. In high school, he faced immense adversity when his father lost his job. Reid and his family of 4 (and a 70lb dog) became homeless for 3 years. During this time Reid worked 3 jobs, including one at the local country club as a caddie. It was this job that took him on his entrepreneurial journey. Penn State, gave Reid a full ride scholarship to attend the university. It was there that Reid and some of his friends found an need a decided to fill it. The need was doing laundry for busy college students.

Now out of Penn State, his company Fitted Laundry, has exploded from it’s simple beginnings to 18 markets across the United States. In addition to laundry services, Fitted Laundry is getting into the consignment game, helping people sell the clothing they are done with. This service, for right now, is available in the Philadelphia and Los Angeles markets.

Reid is only at the start of his journey, but things are heading in the right direction. He’s going places.

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