Entrepreneur’s Enigma

Entrepreneur’s Enigma is a podcast about the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is tough. It’s a rollercoaster.

Every week, host Seth Goldstein talks to different entrepreneurs about their journey… their successes and their failures.

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely game, but it doesn’t have to be. Come along for the ride.

Shows are released weekly on Tuesdays at 8 am Eastern.

Mark Style Business Therapist and Entrepreneur

Mark Style is a Business Therapist and Founding Principal of On The Mark Advisors. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs invest more strategically ON their business so they are less trapped IN their business. Mark’s business therapy practice combines the best elements of three essential disciplines (strategic advising, business coaching, and stress management) into one…

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Robbie Samuels On Entrepreneurship, Pandemic Reinvention, And Making Zoom Actually Fun

Uncovering The Secrets Of A Multi-talented Entrepreneur: From Ted Talks To Podcasts To Business Books And Beyond

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Adam Dornbusch On User-Generated Content And Entrepreneurship

Adam Dornbusch is the founder of EnTribe an influencer and user-generated management platform for brand and companies. Adam has worked with a wide range of companies before starting EnTribe. He helped Go Pro get started with UGC as well as work with Tribeca (Rober DeNiro’s company), Current TV, and the precursor to Netflix Streaming, to…

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Tim Dodd On Helping Companies With Enterprise Sales In The SaaS Ecosystem

Tim Dodd is the founder of JTD Group. He specializes in helping technology companies get new business. His clients include application development, Software as a Service, and eCommerce companies. His services include “top of the funnel” sales and marketing actives all the way through complete outsourcing his clients’ sales and marketing. He has a degree…

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Tissa Richards From Startup Founder To Entrepreneur Coach, Public Speaker, and Author

Tissa Richards is a bold, trusted, authentic technology founder, speaker and executive coach. She’s navigated the tough worlds of entrepreneurship, executive leadership, and fundraising. Tissa founded, invested in, and run software companies in Silicon Valley, hold over a dozen software patents, and have won awards for her software products. Today, she work with the world’s…

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Zach Messler On The Boom Shakalaka Of Being An Entrepreneur

In a galaxy not too far away… Zach is ready to help you position, message, and brand your company!

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Chris Larcade On Sales And Corporate Vs. Entrepreneurship

Prior to starting Synergy Sales Advisory I spent over 20 years with a Fortune 100 company where I designed, implemented, and oversaw a key revenue vertical for the company. Prior to that work I also implemented sales structure and process for other struggling sales teams, each time resulting in record breaking sales and revenue for…

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