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ExpansionPunks NFT’s Jeremy Posvar

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Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous

First there was the X-men (which kind of plays nicely into this narrative); then there was the X-punks, which quite frankly could kick the butts of the X-men in my humble opinion 😛

This Friday on Joseph Jaffe is not Famous at 1pm EST (breathe), I welcome ExpansionPunks founder, Jeremy Posvar.

Consider this show a gift. Seriously. There are 4 gifts rolled into 1:

1. Learning about amazing NFT projects

2. Understanding what an expansion project is

3. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion which transcends NFT’s

4. Meeting the founder of said project

Unfortunately, we can’t give away one of the amazing NFT’s as there aren’t many left to giveaway…and I’M NOT SELLING MINE FOR LOVE; NOR MONEY; NOR ETH!

…but you can buy one off the floor on OpenSea at 0.194 and believe me, it’s a steal #NFA #DYOR #DYODR. In fact, you’ll probably be kicking yourself for not buying more…

That said, I am giving away $JAFFE coin and also a Giraffe Tower NFT which I just minted. All you have to do is join my discord (bit.ly/notfamousdiscord) and subscribe to my show on YouTube (bit.ly/subscribetotheshow)