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Angel Alliance NFT with Maddy Bergen

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Joseph Jaffe is Not Famous

There are real life angels walking amongst us and one of them is Maddy Bergen.

Maddy saw a gap in the NFT ecosystem for entrepreneurs and decided this would be the perfect place to create an initiative to help female founders, which is how Angel Alliance was formed.

The collection drops TOMORROW!

Get the “alpha” on the vision, mission, roadmap and manifestations at 1pm ET.

We’ll also discuss Imposter Syndrome, closing the female funding game and fitness!

Plus (and there’s a lot of pluses):

1. I’m doing the drawing for an all access 1-year membership pass to the Alpha Collective. You must be present to win and you can still enter at alphacollective.xyz by dropping your e-mail

2. I’m doing the drawing for a Meta Athletes NFT (they just launched this week)

3. I’m giving away $JAFFE coin

4. I’m giving away one of Torera’s incredible art (see yesterday’s show to find out how to enter) – drawing will be next Thursday

5. Angel Alliance is giving away an NFT. To enter….

• Subscribe to my show on YouTube (bit.ly/subscribetotheshow)

• Join my discord & paste your username in giveaways channel (bit.ly/notfamousdiscord)

• Join the Angel Alliance discord: http://discord.gg/angelalliance

• Follow @jaffejuice & @angelalliance on Twitter (to see if you won!)

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