Presenting Own It: Attacking the Gender Gap in Advertising Agency Ownership

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Less than one percent of all advertising agencies are owned by women. Read that again. It’s kind of astonishing when you think about it.
For Cornett owner Christy Hiler, that’s a problem. Today, she launched an effort to do something to close the gender gap in ad agency ownership called Own it.
The effort is being cataloged at where female and non-binary agency owners can join and participate in mentorship and other activities to help more women, Own It.
Part of the effort for Own It is a new podcast hosted by Hiler herself where she interviews and celebrates the growing number of women and non-binary ad agency owners to talk about buying out of the boys club of advertising, one agency at a time. 
On this special, audio-only edition of Digging Deeper, you’ll hear an excerpt from Own It’s first episode. In it, Hiler talks to Jean Freeman from Zambezi, the largest female-owned ad agency in the country. 
After you listen, be sure to subscribe to Own It at or wherever your get your podcasts.
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