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#47 Consciousness, spirituality, and entrepreneurship with Loic Le Meur

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Loic Le Meur is a seven-times entrepreneur. He has invested in one hundred startups. Loic is the co-founder of PAUA, a conscious conference, and community. He is a Sundancer who trained with the Yawanawa tribe in the Amazon forest.

What we talked about…

  • Loic’s Newsletter & Podcast.
  • On becoming a father again at fifty.
  • Growing up in Southern France near Spain. 
  • Loic was inspired by his parents, who sold sailboats. He’s worked for himself since he was twenty-three when he started a website agency in 1996. 
  • On managing one hundred employees.
  • He started the LeWeb conference in 2003 about blogging.
  • The early days of online communication from bulletin board systems (BBS) to CB radios.
  • All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin.
  • Lying by Sam Harris.
  • On honesty in business and life.
  • Seesmic, Loic’s early video social network. 
  • PAUA community and conference, at the crossroads of business, consciousness, and spirituality.
  • What Loic learned on a one-year, solo, silent retreat in the Amazon forest and his experiences with ayahuasca. 
  • On worrying and stress. 
  • Read The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayat Khan and Not in His Image by John Lamb Lash.
  • Contact Loic at

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