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Space Marketing Podcast is where we explore marketing principles, strategies, and tactics through the lens of space. Join Izzy House as she talks with space industry professionals about their challenges and successes with marketing in the new space economy.

Space Marketing Podcast with Sam Coniglio – Technical Writer and Space Futurist

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In this Space Marketing Podcast episode, we meet Sam Coniiglio, a futurist, technical writer, photographer, inventor, and private space industry advocate. Since 1999, he has been researching and prototyping off-world domestic concepts to make life easier “for the rest of us” in space. 

Find out about his Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass concept that won international acclaim and reinvents how to drink liquids in a microgravity environment. His cocktail-making “drinkbots” have been showcased on Discovery Channel and Wall Street Journal. 

He talks about new book, “Creature Comforts in Space,” is about making life more comfortable and sustainable for off-world travelers.

 We wrap up with a discussion about the Space Tourism Conference happening April 28 in Los Angeles. He is leading the session: FOOD & DRINK OFF WORLD: GO-TO GRUB & GALACTIC GOURMET.


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Space Tourism Conference


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