Episode Sixteen: An Interview with Mark Hanoteau

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In this episode, we talk with Mark Hanoteau, Group Manager – Financial Services Evalueserve, based in Chile. Mark talks about his work in using agile marketing with his team and clients around the world. As well as diving into depth on what several of the values from the agile marketing manifesto mean to him.

Mark Hanoteau is a principal consultant for Marketing Analytics and Agile Coach for Evalueserve. He has specialized in Marketing Science since 2011 where a focus of his key work has been experimental design and campaign measurement, providing these services for Financial Services and Retail institutions.

About Your Host: John Cass

John Cass is an expert at building content production and social media relationship systems for brands and agencies. He has worked at several companies where he’s managed the development of content strategies and their execution. In addition, he has supporting experience in Technical SEO, user experience, marketing automation, and conversation optimization for the web.

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