What A Non-Profit Can Teach Us About Community Building

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If your brand could use more effective and efficient ways to ignite growth, you’ve come to the right place. This is where smart marketers learn to leverage their own community to ignite growth in sales, awareness, and beyond. 

Welcome to The Rise, The Community Commerce Marketing Show. 

In this episode, we zero in on building community from a woman who has done that fabulously throughout her career, but unlike those you might expect to come on a tech company’s podcast to talk about community, our guest has done it from the perspective of a leadership position at non-profits. Emily Kirkpatrick is the executive director of the National Council of Teachers of English, or NCTE. She has a long history of leading non-profits, which includes building membership, lobbying for political interests, raising money … all components that require great community building skills. We learn a lot from her today as we go back to the classroom so to speak.