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#56 Leadership, communication, and broadband access with Shirley Bloomfield

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Shirley Bloomfield is the CEO of NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, and a huge fan of collaboration, partnerships, and getting broadband to all Americans.

What we talked about…

  • What is the NTCA?
  • Eight-hundred and fifty community-based providers who bring essential services across the country.
  • NTCA members are small businesses that serve from 1,000 to 100,000 people.
  • Shirley is the “Master Dot Connector.” 
  • To run an association for so many people, she has created special interest groups (SIGs) to serve them. 
  • Approximately 17 M – 33 M Americans still do not have broadband access. However, they are changing this with help from the White House’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.
  • Infrastructure Week finally included broadband thanks to the NTCA and the pandemic proving Americans’ need for adequate broadband.
  • Leading and communicating with transparency and humor using the NTCA blog’s “Thoughts From Shirley.”
  • Employee retention is greatly improved when teams are mission based.
  • The White House Talent Pipeline Challenge.
  • NTCA programs help rural employers retain talent by providing benefits. 
  • The power of mentorship. 
  • A Chief Storyteller. 
  • Dave’s Nice Method Presentation Skills workshop he delivered for NTCA.
  • Get in touch.

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