What is good vs what is bad?

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Who is to say what is good and what is bad? Joe and Thom discuss the idea of what often seems like a bad thing can end up being a blessing and what might seem like a blessing can end up being terrible.

Joe and Thom also discuss the value of saying NO and that selling only starts when you hear the word NO.

Joe talks about how John Wooden taught his players to ignore the scoreboard and clock during games. If you are doing your job correctly…the winning will take care of itself.

There are many more gems in this podcast . Enjoy!

0 – 4:39 – What is good vs. what is bad

4:40 – 7:41 – Power of No

7:42 – 11:55 Selling starts when you hear NO!

11:56 – 13:32 – Dangers of being an expert in your product

13:36 – 16:00 – Coach John Wooden

17:50 – 19:03 – Deliver quick feedback to your vendor

19:10 – 22:31 – Icebreakers at Networking Events

22:35 – 24:28 – Recos!

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