Livvy Wong – Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign

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We do not normally have guests on the “Take a Breath” podcast but when we do we make sure they are special.  

Livvy Wong is the Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign.

Aside from being a very accomplished and successful executive in a thriving company…Livvy is a very interesting and cool person.  

Livvy discusses her meditation practice and how she approaches her day. 

Livvy is an amazing ambassador of ActiveCampaign.

She touches on why and how ActiveCampaign is used by more than 185,000 businesses and growing. 

She also talks about the importance AI will have for users of CRM applications like ActiveCampaign going forward.

One of the highlights from this discussion was when Livvy spoke on the importance of how ActiveCampaign the organization provides an 

environment where she feels she can be her authentic self. 

Listen to the podcast to find out what Voltron Mega Standup is and you will learn about an amazing Malort cocktail. 

We really enjoyed this conversation, and we hope you do as well. 

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