Share the goodness!

The show opens up with Joe and Thom talking about Jocko Willink and how he reacts to problems. 

His first reaction no matter how terrible the situation is….his response is GOOD!

Rather then feeling bad for yourself and saying things like “why me”….Jocko says good. 

Didn’t get that promotion?….GOOD now you have more time to get better for the next opportunity. 

Joe and Thom also discuss the importance of penetrating a vertical.  This concept is important for many reasons. 

1 reason is word of mouth.  People within the same vertical tend to network together.  Lawyers talk to other Lawyers. 

Before they offer their “Recommendations”… Joe and Thom discuss the importance of B2B podcasting in terms of building a trustworthy brand.  

0 – 6:28 – “Good” 

6:30 – 11:21 – Pick up the phone

11:23 – 16:05 – Value of a Vertical

16:07 – 21:54 – The role of B2B podcasting

22:00 – End – Recommendations 

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