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The Science, Business and Culture of Fear with Dr Seth Norrholm

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“This culture of fear is really being developed because the amount of information that we process is unprecedented.” – Dr Seth Norrholm


The realm of fear is as expansive as it is primal. It’s a landscape that media and society tap into with reckless abandon. But how often do we stop and scrutinize what actually terrifies us, why it does, and how it manipulates our actions? In a riveting discussion on my show, “Joseph Jaffe is not Famous,” Dr Seth Norrholm gave us the intellectual tools to unpack the complexities of fear, mass shootings, and the consequences of our collective numbness to sensationalism. Let’s be honest: we’ve all been complicit in perpetuating the cycle of fear, but Dr. Norrholm lays out a blueprint for how we can change course.


Here are my show notes: 

There is nothing to fear. (9:14)

What the hell is the deal with nickelback? (14:34)

The difference between innate fears and learned fears. (19:52)

The difference between phobia and adaptive fears. (24:22)

Rational fears vs. irrational fears. (29:38)

How do we choose who to trust? (37:57)

The problem with the lack of a singular voice. (44:39)

Most mass shooters are terrorists, not mentally ill. (51:15)

Disinformation on gun laws and gun laws. (56:58)

The only thing to fear is fear itself. (1:04:44)

Flipping the anxiety on its head. (1:12:02)


Quote of the Episode: “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain



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