Are there too many Philosophers?

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In the latest episode of “Take a Breath” Joe and Thom get deep as usual in terms of discussion topics. 

Having said the above…the topics are on brand. 

Are there too many philosophers today? It seems as though many content creators on Linkedin are selling the fact that they have it all figured out. 

Could it be they are projecting?  If that is true…There is nothing wrong with that.  Joe talks about how one of the best ways to learn is through teaching. This is his hypothesis as to what is going on with all of these philosophers.

By preaching to the public…Joe believes they are actually projecting and trying to bot speak to and help themselves.

In addition to the above topic…Joe and Thom also discuss …

– the value of keeping your offering and messaging simple.  There is also value with

– sticking with your business through tough times. 

– working from home vs going into the office

– Finding your passion

They even discuss how they used to hang out and work with John Krasinski from the show “The Office”.

Thom and Joe close out the episode with some recommendations. 

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