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Even high-achieving, go-getters get caught up in working for goals that don’t truly align with their souls. Ena Bautista is the coach that unlocks those desires and mentors leaders to creating thriving businesses that actually funds the lifestyles they desire.

As a skill collector, there’s little that she hasn’t tried her hand at. And she’s ready to show you how to reach your goals.

You can download her Roadmap to Alignment and uncover all that is truly important to YOU, not those around, your parents, your partner, or society and have an enriching business that works for you and not the other way around, here:

Ena’s LegendMaker Spotlight is on the pollinators that make this world turn: Bees!

Pesticides and other unsavory practices are killing the pollinators that keep our world fed. Help protect them by advocating with your local political representatives for the change of laws, make personal adjustments, stop using pesticides in your garden and support local causes, as well as donate to your local or global charities and organizations that help do the same. – Donate, Advocate, Take action

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