LegendMaker Radio: Building Legends Rebuilding The World

Join me, Tania Dakka, each week as we journey through stories and actionable advice to help business owners like you build your legend through mindset, marketing, and messaging.

In each episode, not only will we uncover what it takes to build your legend, but we’ll also dive into small ways that heroes like you can give back.

We’ll cover conservation, humanitarian, and other global good topics at the end of each episode to help us all do a little bit better. Because we’re not here just to make a dollar, we’re here to make a difference. Learn more at www.legendmakerglobal.com.

Meet The Money Witch

Meet the fiery red-headed rich Slavic redneck who has traveled the world, lived in 7 countries, visited 48 countries, visited 45 states, speaks 9 languages and holds deep opinions about literally everything. She’s also known as “Your Favorite Opinionated Slav” on social media, as well. But what she’s learned through her legendary travels is that…

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How to Create A Passion-Filled Life

Karen Putz is known as “The Passion Mentor.” She helps people in midlife (and beyond) create more joy, fun, and adventure in the second half of life. (Who wants to die with a boring life?) She is the author of multiple books, including the popular “Unwrapping Your Passion, Creating the Life You Truly Want.” You…

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NERDY NUMBERS Mean Higher Profits

Clarissa has been an accountant for 15+ years, 6 of those years were spent as a government tax auditor. While she loves auditing, she would much rather help small business owners manage their money the right way before the government shows up on their doorstep. Get any or all of her POWERFUL money tools here:…

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Med-Free Migraine Relief

Barbara Soltesz deeply cares for everyone who is suffering from headaches and migraines. Her 32 year-long quest to find a solution to her own pain and discomfort led her to discover a medication free method which helps more and more people to leave headaches and migraines behind. She is also multi-passionate and there is another…

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Creating A Thriving Business You LOVE

Even high-achieving, go-getters get caught up in working for goals that don’t truly align with their souls. Ena Bautista is the coach that unlocks those desires and mentors leaders to creating thriving businesses that actually funds the lifestyles they desire. As a skill collector, there’s little that she hasn’t tried her hand at. And she’s…

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The New Meaning of WHOLEness

Colleen Fletcher guides women to naturally thrive in their lives, as she believes that women hold the keys to naturally healing themselves, their families, and the world we all share. Having started her business in 1995, Colleen’s had many options in health and wellness for you to naturally thrive in your whole experience of life….

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How Shifts Happen Plus Why You Need Power Content

In his 30+ years in media, Jason Croft has worked around the globe creating professional content in wide-ranging roles and projects from producing award-winning movies to shooting for exotic animal shows in Texas and Alaska, to producing content for the largest boxing event in history. He has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs and industry experts from…

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How to Become an Unconventional Legend

Jason Miller, author (Real Sorcery, Consorting With the Spirits, Protection & Reversal Magick, Financial Sorcery, and more!), magick teacher (Sorcery of Hekate, The Black School of St. Cyprian, Strategic Sorcery, and more!), and sorcerer of 30 years stops by and explains how he, in a world full of marketing BS, has become a legend in…

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