Cooking Goals with Susan Feniger, Samantha Ferraro & CW Silverberg #408

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On this episode of GoalChat, host Debra Eckerling talks about Cooking Goals with chef Susan Feniger (Border Grill, “Too Hot Tamales”), Samantha Ferraro of Little Ferraro Kitchen, and CW Silverberg, host of Schmoozing & Cruising. The panel shared food memories, cooking tips, and so much more.

Cooking Goals

– Samantha: Find a new spice; take it home and try it

– Susan: Go into an ethnic market and talk to the owners, get recommendations

– CW: Learn how to utilize leftovers, it’s often times better that the original meal

– Susan: Make tacos. Learn how to make your own tortillas; then, make your own salsa. It’s easy and delicious

Final Thoughts

– CW: Food is everything. Just enjoy it!

– Samantha: Taste as you go, adjust as needed

– Susan: Have you pantry full of things that last a long time, so you always have something on hand to cook

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