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Small Business Success Talk is a show about the small business experience. Listen and discover for yourself that we take what we do very seriously, but not ourselves!

Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

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Welcome back to another thought-provoking episode of Christy’s Corner! In this installment, Christy takes us on a journey through the intricacies of strategic thinking and tactical execution. But that’s not all – she also spills the beans on her plans for the Small Business Success Talks podcast and shares her exciting future endeavors.

🚀 Small Business Success Talks Podcast Plans:

Join Christy as she unveils her upcoming plans for the Small Business Success Talks podcast. Expect insightful conversations, expert interviews, and valuable tips to elevate your small business game.

🌟 Future Endeavors:

Discover what fuels Christy’s passion and learn about the ambitious ventures she has in store for the future. Get a sneak peek into the mind of a dynamic entrepreneur with big dreams.

💡 Difference Between Strategy and Tactics:

The crux of this episode revolves around a fundamental topic – understanding the difference between strategy and tactics. Christy encourages you to “think different to do different,” sharing insights that can revolutionize your decision-making and goal achievement.

🔍 Strategic Planning in Smaller Chunks:

Christy provides practical tips on breaking down strategic planning into manageable chunks. Learn how focusing on smaller, achievable steps can pave the way for significant success in your business endeavors.

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