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We’re buying out of the ad industry boys’ club. Hosted by Cornett owner Christy Hiler, Own It lifts up the stories of women and nonbinary ad agency owners: their challenges, their successes, and their goals for the industry. We’re aiming to start a movement—because you don’t have the power until you own it.

How Holly Fraser of Shelance, Owns It

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This week on OWN IT, we’re talking to Hollie Fraser of Shelance. It is a community of freelance female creatives that serves to help that talent get found and seen. As  you might imagine, Hollie spent time as a freelance creative, but comes from a long history of working at some of the biggest agencies in the world. Leo Burnett, Grey, MMC and others.

She started Shelance in 2023 after frustration with hearing the complaint that it’s hard to find great female creatives. Hollie didn’t agree but saw the opportunity to start a community to lift up strong women on the creative side of advertising. 

We talked about her journey, her perspective on the industry and so much more. We love what she’s doing and so enjoyed our conversation. We’re sure you will, too.

Thanks for listening to this episode of OWN IT with Hollie Fraser of Shelance. You can find links to her LinkedIn profile and the agency website in our show notes at untilyouownit.com.

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