OTS 366: The Power of Value – Richard Bliss Brooke

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Today’s guest believes that success isn’t solely about reaching an endgame; it’s about making progress on our goals while falling in love with the process.

As the author of best-selling books like “The Four Year Career,” his principles have transformed the lives of countless individuals. His insights were so impactful that he graced the cover of Success Magazine, solidifying his status as a thought leader.

His impact extends to the world stage, where he has spoken alongside luminaries like Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Les Brown, and John Maxwell. His work has touched lives globally, igniting fires of accomplishment in individuals and organizations.

He is a 45-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession and an ontological coach best known for his authenticity and his viral video series Super MLM Man.

Please join me in welcoming Richard Bliss Brooke. 

Diving into Richard Bliss Brooke’s transformative journey from a reserved farm boy to a global network marketing and personal development leader.

In this episode, we discuss:

🐔 Reframing Success and Embracing the Journey: Richard Bliss Brooke emphasizes that success is not just about achieving goals but also about enjoying the process. His approach has inspired many through his best-selling books, like “The Four Year Career.”

🐔 Evolution from Shy Beginnings to Leadership Expertise: Despite starting as a shy, introverted child who struggled academically, he became a renowned speaker and ontological coach. His life experiences shaped his unique perspective on leadership and personal development, from growing up on a farm to his initial ambition of becoming a forest ranger.

🐔 Overcoming Obstacles and Discovering Sales Potential: Richard’s career trajectory changed after facing limitations in his early job at a chicken plant due to educational requirements. This setback led him to explore sales, where he learned the art of maintaining friendly relationships with prospects while effectively communicating value propositions.

🐔 Innovative Approach to Network Marketing: With extensive experience in network marketing, he brings a unique perspective to the field, focusing on personal transformation over product sales. His diverse range of products sold, from gas additives to skincare lines, demonstrates his adaptability and success in connecting with a wide audience.

Listen in to see how Richard Bliss Brooke cracked the shell of convention and hatched a career that’s anything but poultry!


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