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Snippets of Genius is a lighthearted business Podcast with some brilliant insights into how you can attract and cultivate success. In each episode GENIUS guests from the worlds of business development, marketing, design and wellness, share the ballsy, daring moves they made to burst opportunities wide open. Join Caroline Kay for a good old chit chat on how to decide, define, and develop anything you want in your career or business.

S7 EP 1: Have fun at work with Filippo Spreafico: Provoke, jolt, and keep it fresh.

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Have you ever felt so angry with a client or customer you wanted to say something, but you bit your tongue? 

Do you sometimes see things that make you re-evaluate your place in the world but you do nothing?

We are sometimes unaware how much we make ourselves small. Devalue our power and gifts doing what we think we should rather than what we want to do. 

Having what it takes to step into the light and become the superstar you were born to be doesn’t require you push yourself to the limits. It requires you to follow the fun. 

Today, I’m talking with Filippo Spreafico. Someone who is regularly under the spotlight on the comedy circuit across Europe. He appears on the biggest TV shows and Comedy Festivals out there, plus he’s a personal fave of mine. 

In this episode, Filippo shares how he forged his own path by overcoming the fear of judgements, projections and the voices in his head by delighting in the forbidden. From managing emotions and outbursts to keeping perspective. 

This is a masterclass on the mindset work and communication you need to find the way to express that thing that you have in you, which you know belongs to other people. 

Join us for this empowering conversation and learn: 

  • How to be an artist, channel your vision and stay grounded. 
  • What you’ll need to prepare for to chase down your dream
  • Why separating your public and personal life is essential 
  • Why it’s critical to get a hold of yourself and your emotions. 
  • Social sharing: The fine line between private, personal and being pointless. 
  • How to make the distinction between the real you and what you do

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Thank you for listening. 

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